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Futbol Club STL Indoor Soccer Announces Winter Programs

Nov 5

Futbol Club STL has a women's league and futsal training this winter. Women’s games are on Sundays from 9am to noon and training is Monday and Wednesday nights.

ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI, Futbol Club STL is having 2 programs this winter- women's league and futsal training. Women’s games are on Sundays from 9am to noon and the cost is $450 per team. The youth futsal training program is in partnership with Evolve 360. Each training session will involve 35 minutes of technical training followed by 35 minutes of five vs five futsal play.

The women's league will last 10 weeks, from December 5th to February 13th for a total of ten sessions. The youth futsal training sessions will be over the course of 8 weeks. They run from December 6th to February 9th with girls playing on Mondays and boys playing on Wednesdays. The age groups are girls ages 9 to 12 and boys ages 10 to 13. The cost is $160 per player and sign-ups must be done by November 8th, 2021. The format of the women’s league is 5 vs 5, with rosters of up to 10 players. The cost equates to a price of $45 to $75 per player, depending on the roster size. Signups must be completed by November 14th.

Futbol Club STL offers an indoor space of 45,000 square feet. It has 6 small-sided fields, a 20 foot projector with live games, and a snack bar. They have three boarded fields, two non-boarded fields with synthetic lawn, and a futsal court. It is located at 4900 Manchester Ave, Suite 500. Anyone interested in Women’s league, youth futsal training, or indoor soccer in St. Louis should call or text 314.574.4157. Email is also an option. Futbol Club STL can be reached at: [email protected] and interested parties should see the Futbol Club STL website: The venue is open 24 hours for pre-scheduled games and open to the public for field rentals and birthday parties. Private and group training sessions are also available. Partial field rental options exist but priority is given to full-field rentals.

Futbol Club STL Indoor Soccer

4900 Manchester Ave Suite 500

St. Louis, MO 63110

Futbol Club STL Indoor Soccer
Futbol Club STL
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