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West Head Lookout

Feb 1

About West Head Lookout

West Head is a beautiful lookout point with rich history. The north-eastern tip of Ku-ringgai Chase National Park was an ideal location for troops to protect Sydney against foreign invasion via Broken Bay because it overlooked this vital waterway which leads into port town's inner harbour area where all ships would call before proceeding on their way throughout Australia or New Zealand!

The West Head Battery was home to two massive guns, an observation post and searchlight posts during World War II. The recoil from these weapons could be felt in nearby villages but luckily for residents their proximity meant they never had any direct hits on them! A railway system was built so that materials like fuel wouldn't have far journeys down below ground level - all goods were transferred using this method until it became obsolete somewhere between 1950-60s when newer technologies came along.

West Head is a classic Sydney view, and it's easy to see why. The views are so impressive that you could literally sit on one of the benches all day and just absorb the beautiful scenery around you- which means your vacation will be much more relaxing than planned!

What To Do At West Head Lookout

The track to the West Head Lookout is a relatively easy one, and it’s called Red Hands because of its passing over an old rock shelter that was used by Aboriginals thousands upon years ago. If you look closely at this ancient artwork in form two hands placed side-by early humans when they were still exploring our planet earth together with their own natural surroundings; no doubt left behind something worth remembering for generations yet unborn! The start point can be found about 50 meters past Resolute Loop Trail sign near picnic area's parking lot - follow signs up until intersection then make sharp left turn onto the track.

West Head Beach is a small beach opposite Barrenjoey Headland on the other side of Pittwater. The water there usually feels like an oasis, with its emerald green color and picturesque views that make you feel as if this little patch was just dropped into paradise! A quick swim or picnic can be enjoyed at any time during your visit; however it might not seem so great when waves come crashing over rocks after strong winds blow through Sydney's suburbs leaving behind nothing but destruction (and lots more rain).

West Head Beach is a great location for those who want to enjoy the serenity of an island beach without having too many people around. The walking track between WestHead and Resolute continues along this beautiful strip, with calm waters and stunning views that you'll find nowhere else on earth! It's not always easy though- there are some steep sections as well as one creek crossing before reaching Great MacGregor Beaches or completing your own custom route back home at any time during day 1 (or more) depending how far into nature lover wants/needs go). If these obstacles don't discourage anyone then keep reading because I have something special planned.

One local company on the Central Coast involved in this tourist attraction is:

Name: Central Coast Bathroom Renovations

Address: Unit 3/8 Akora Road, Wyoming NSW 2250

Phone: (02) 9053 8734