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Nobbys Beach

May 22

About Nobbys Beach

Newcastle's iconic Nobby Beach is an up-and-coming spot for local enthusiasts to enjoy the pristine environment and expansive view. The beach has plenty of features that make it popular yet never crowded, with great facilities available just steps away from your seat on these stunningly beautiful shores! In addition, they're safe year-round so you can swim as much or little during any time period without worry--including when waves come roaring in off sea each day at 3 pm sharp

The perfect spot to spend the day is Newcastle's highest profile beach, Nobbys Beach. It has a reputation as being one of Australia’s most family-friendly beaches with its calm waters and sandy bottom but also offers some fun in-between times like learning how you can surf or just taking it easy on land where there are plenty of spaces available near kiosks selling coffee cakes fish chips burgers. Nobbys Beach Newcastle is a popular spot for walkers to take in the beauty of nature.

Nobby beach Newcastle

What to do in Nobbys Beach

Newcastle locals flock to Nobbys Beach for a taste of the familiar and some good old-fashioned family fun. The beach is on one side, while there's an outdoor recreational area with food vendors just across from it that includes kiosks selling coffee cakes fish chips burgers. A bonus? You'll even find marine life such as dolphins in this safe-haven!

To really get a feel for why this area is such an important resource in our world today, walk along the break-wall underneath Lighthouse Park. You might even spot coal ships being herded into port by hardworking tug boats! Newcastle's most famous beach, Nobbys is a great place for families and people learning how to surf. The bay also plays home to some dolphins that love coming in from the sea each day!

Nobby Newcastle Beach

One local company in Newcastle that is involved in this tourist attraction;

Name: Newcastle Solar Power

Address: 175 Grinsell St, Kotara, NSW 2289

Telephone: (02) 4003 6437