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Newcastle Museum

Jun 17

About Newcastle Museum

The former Castlemaine Brewery has been home to the Newcastle Museum since 4 August 2011, when it moved from its previous location in Saville Street. It is a Bicentennial project that was developed through cooperation between interested parties including engineers and Super Nova Inc., who worked hard on promoting this idea throughout Australia during the 1980s until they found success with their final decision of selecting The Honeysuckle Railway Workshops as a site for what would become one of Australia’s premier museums 
The original plan had been formulated at an earlier date--in fact beginning back in 1988 when three individuals came up with the idea.

Come to the Newcastle Museum, where you can enjoy free entry every Tuesday through Sunday. The museum strives for accessibility and as many opportunities are given so that people of all ages will be able to experience what it has in store!

Newcastle Museum photo

What to do at Newcastle Museum

Shop at the Museum for all your shopping needs! You'll find educational kids games and toys, local history books (like on display here), jewellery made just up from Newcastle branded souvenirs or you could treat yourself to one of our fabulous new t-shirts designed by locals like YOU. The shop also stocks environmentally aware products sourced whenever possible locally - so it supports Australia too.

Newcastle Museum is the perfect place to spend an afternoon with children or adults. You can learn all about our city’s rich history by looking at objects that are both large and small, from iconic pieces like St Augustine's Pipe Organ in The Link Gallery down to smaller items such as newspaper cutting albums that contain press cuttings dating back centuries! Visitors will find themselves fascinated not only through their captivating Content but also by how these docs were created - just take a look at this huge steam engine called "The Buck,"

Museum in Newcastle

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