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Branded Umbrella Singapore

Sep 1

Everything You Need to Know About Branded Umbrellas

You've decided to advertise your business with branded umbrellas? You've got an event coming up and you'd like to make use of rainfall as an incentive to make everyone to depart with a branded umbrella?

Have you made the choice to advertise your company using custom branded umbrellas? Perhaps you're hosting an event coming up and would like to make use of rain as an opportunity for your efforts to leave with a brand new promotional umbrella? A promotional umbrella that features your company's logo is a fantastic option to pamper your guests and make sure that everyone passing by on the road get to see your logo.

Where do I begin?

The whole thing depends upon the design style you are thinking of and your logo. Screen printing is the primary method of printing that works well for logos that do not have shading or tiny complex specifics.

It doesn't mean we avoid high-quality prints! When your design or logo requires greater detail, it implies that we are looking at another method - digital transfer. This is why it's best to provide us with your logo (and the number of panels you would like to print it on). Our team will be able to decide which printing method would work best for you discuss your options and any effect this could affect the final price on your request.


The lead times for the branded umbrellas in Singapore that are branded usually takes between 2 and 3 weeks. However, we do offer an express 7-day shipping service (subject to availability and timing). If you are interested in this option make sure you finish the order on the same day or the next. We will ask the submission of your logo, pay and select an umbrella style and canopy colour, then accept the design prior to when we can begin printing.

Umbrella Choice

We offer a wide range of printed umbrella choices on our Aquaholic website, from budget-friendly to premium ones, and it is always possible to ask questions about a different design in mind. We'll be eager to find the perfect umbrella for you.
Here are some of our most popular selections:

We can print on our most well-loved designs: Plain foldable Umbrellas, Plain Golf Umbrellas and Aluminium Frame Walking Umbrellas. The brollies are available in a range of 12 colors, and can be ordered as micro-packs of 10 units. They are ideal for events that require a single unit the umbrellas at a reasonable price are a cost-effective and attractive option to shield your guests from the rain on the golf course or even outside during a conference.

Mid Range
We have mid range Umbrellas are the best choice for those who need a sturdy umbrella with a reputable brand but you're a bit flexible in the colour of the canopy and the handle choices. Mid range Umbrellas are available in seven colours and most of them are using alternating panels. It's possible to design your company's logo directly on the white panel (or white logos with dark panel) and get a fantastic promotional umbrella for a mid-range cost!

The golf as well as foldable ranges are the ideal choice if you're seeking an Pantone matching canopy with a variety of handles and a sturdy umbrella that lasts for an extended period of time. The minimum order for these types is 25. Available in 30 colors including alternating canopy and Pantone match for an additional cost.

Whatever umbrella you've got in mind, just send us an email and include your needs and we'll locate it for you!



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