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What Are The Different Categories of Dining Equipment?

Sep 30

residential foodservice equipment in Aubrey, TXA piece of good kitchen equipment can somehow make a difference in the way you prepare food. Whether you're planning to start a career in the foodservice industry or just want to use your great cooking skill, below are a few residential food service equipment Aubrey, TX you definitely need.


Food Preparation Equipment


All those veggies, meat, and other ingredients don't come to your table already nicely chopped or sliced. You may be able to prepare your ingredients with just some kitchen knife, but there will be issues with speed and quality. So this is where food preparation equipment comes in. 


Some key pieces of residential food service equipment Aubrey, TX in this category include slicers, dicers, mixers, and choppers. This equipment can help make the food prep process much faster and easier, which is important in a busy commercial kitchen.


Cooking Equipment


Of course, you'll need some cooking equipment to actually cook the food. The type of cooking equipment you'll need will depend on the menu items you'll be serving. For example, if you're planning to do a lot of grilling, then you'll need a good grill. Or, if you want to do a lot of frying, then you'll need a quality fryer. Other common pieces of cooking equipment include ovens, ranges, and steamers.


But if you're looking for residential foodservice equipment in Aubrey, TX, then you'll likely need to invest in every piece of equipment. Besides, there's no fixed menu to cook at home. 


Serving Equipment


Once the food is cooked, you will need some serving equipment to get it to the people who will eat it. In a commercial setting, equipment like buffet tables, warming stations, and serving carts are needed to keep the food at the proper temperature and ensure that it gets to the customer promptly. But you may not need them at home. 


Cleaning Equipment


Sanitation is very important in a commercial foodservice business. But even if you're not serving food to other people, sanitation is still crucial. Some of the cleaning equipment you will need includes sinks, dishwashers, and storage shelves. You may also find electric commercial dishwashers powerful enough to wash large pots as well as large industrial sinks with sprayer hoses.


Food Refrigeration Equipment


Food needs to stay fresh for safety and good taste. Therefore, food refrigeration equipment, such as reach-in and walk-in coolers, ice machines, and freezers, are crucial in any foodservice business or even at home.


Keep in mind that residential foodservice equipment in Aubrey, TX is generally different from the commercial ones. Commercial ones are usually bigger and more powerful to meet the demands of a busy commercial kitchen. 


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