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Umbrella Printing

Oct 18

5 popular Umbrella Printing customisation guide 

Businesses should have customized umbrella printing. Customized umbrella printing can be used to give to clients or to keep in the office. They are an essential part of the staff uniform. The customization options for umbrellas are so extensive that they are now considered part of one’s personal style.

Coporate umbrella printing are a great way to promote your brand without spending more than the initial cost. You can give someone a beautiful umbrella that will not let them down. They also have the option to offer free advertising every time they open it.

We are best at creating stunning umbrellas. Here is some insight into the most popular options for customizing umbrellas that you can use to inspire your next project.

1. Umbrella printing using tone on tone

It is easy to create striking effects by combining materials and effects. Combining canopies allows for special effects such as an underprint to show through. This is a great way to create a shadow effect.

You can combine different materials, such as textile and printed PVC canopies, to create a stunning display of design. You can create tone-on-tone effects by combining the properties of different materials and print.

Your design brief is all that we have. We love to challenge the limits and find new ways to do things.

2. Engraved handle ring on umbrella

Personal taste is often the deciding factor in choosing an umbrella model for your brand. Two reasons will drive the large luxury golf umbrella to be chosen. The panels are large enough to advertise designs and promote larger umbrellas. The umbrella's large capacity means that multiple people can use it. It is ideal for sporting events where the driver or rider must be protected from the sun.

You can also order custom luxury brand umbrellas. These umbrellas could include folding umbrellas or walking models, which are often chosen for their size. An walking umbrella can be smaller than a golf umbrella, and has a crook handle. The folding umbrella can be folded in half and stored in a bag.

3. Luxury umbrellas with luxury branding customized

You can also choose the type of luxury umbrella you want and have it printed on the panels.

  1. Engraving on the handle of a walking umbrella.

2. Add a logo decal at the base of a golf umbrella's handle.

3. Printing on the carry sleeve for a folding umbrella

4. Include perimeter tape also known as rib tape.

5. Use print or a contrast color to enhance the umbrella tie wrap

6. Your umbrella can be customized with a printed or woven brand label.

Crook handles walking umbrellas are the best choice for engraving a handle ring. Gun metal is a complement to the other metal finishes and provides a subtle branding option.

4. Inside print on umbrellas

You can make your umbrella stand out by printing on its interior. An umbrella must have a double canopy if you want to print on its inside. This is because the umbrella has two sets or layers of panels, one on the inside and one outside.

Your artwork is printed across the panels before the umbrella is constructed. This allows for your print to be matched by hand at each seam.

An internal print on an umbrella

A great look for an umbrella printing is to have it printed both on the outside and inside. You can choose from a digital or screen print depending on how complex your artwork is. We can help you visualize the look of your umbrella's interior print by sending you your artwork.

An umbrella can have an internal print. A golf umbrella is the best option because it has the largest panels. An umbrella that has an internal print is great for urban use, such as in the City. A folding umbrella with an internal print is a nice surprise to give as a gift.

Building developers have printed maps on umbrellas, and brands have printed photos on umbrellas so that users can see faces or clouds.

Double canopy umbrellas offer a unique solution to unusual designs. An internal print umbrella requires a minimum order of 100.

After receiving your artwork and a small deposit, we will sample the umbrella. After you approve the sample umbrella, with your print carefully translated and sewn together we will launch production. Your dispatch date will be advised, which may take up to six weeks depending on how many you ordered and the complexity of your design .

5. Special effect umbrellas and metallic printing

Customization of umbrella printing can be done with a variety inks and effects.

We use real gold ink, not gold-coloured ink! The base material in our gold and silver inks is very small, which gives the prints an iridescence.

This can be matched with gold material as inner or perimeter tape, as seen on the Mandarin Oriental luxury hotel umbrellas.

Foiling, which uses metallic foils instead of printing, is another great method for decoration. Although this is more costly, the results are spectacular. There are many options for foils.