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Brisbane's Northside And Is Famous For Its Massive Range Of Instruments

May 28

If you are a fan of music, then this is the right place to go. The store is located in Samford on Music Store Brisbane Northside and is famous for its massive range of instruments. The staff is always helpful and friendly.

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Morris Brothers

The Morris brothers originated from Ivydale in Clay County, West Virginia were well-known musicians who played at old-time music festivals across central West Virginia. They were featured in the Barbara Kopple film Harlan County, USA. The brothers, George, Zeke and Wiley, were born to a musician mother. They started playing string band music from a young age.

In 1937, Zeke left J. E. and Wade Mainer to go on the road with his brother, Wiley. They appeared on radio WWNC in Asheville (North Carolina) and then relocated north to Danville (Virginia) in Virginia, where they were joined by Homer Sherrill, on fiddle and Joel Martin, on banjo. The Smiling Rangers were the new name for the group.

The Morris Brothers helped bring three-finger banjo music to the attention of the nation when they recorded with Bill Monroe in 1938. The album, called Blue Grass Boys, was popular and the Morris brothers were regarded as the fathers of bluegrass. They also performed in other bands that were popular at the time, including Snuffy and Hoke Jenkins.

The Guitar Shop

There aren't many Australian shops that know how to do vintage guitars like Melbourne stalwart Guitar Emporium. They stock everything from original 1950s Gibson hollowbody guitars to custom-colored Fender Jazzmasters. Additionally, they have a few odd Japanese oddities, such as Guyatones Grecos, and Teiscos.

Tym Guitars, located in Fortitude Valley, is a great place to look for an acoustic instrument that can be used for fingerpicking and gentle strumming. They specialise in vintage acoustic models and have an impressive array of Yamaha, Fernandes and Greco 'lawsuit era' copies.

Clingan Guitar Tone, in Collingwood is the location to go to if you want a custom-built instrument (or even just one string). They established their name with their social media-savvy Facebook Marketplace strategy, but their physical store is worth going to. They specialize in custom-built designs that blend modern methods with traditional ones to create a unique sound and feel. Their client list includes some serious heavyweights like Courtney Barnett, Osees and Kurt Vile. They also do repairs and acoustic setups.