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Retailer vs Wholesaler when purchasing an item of diamond jewelry

Nov 3


Congratulations You've made the major move and are engaged. Now what? You must now select the type of diamond and engagement ring you'd like. Talk to some of your acquaintances but don't allow them to freely discuss the proposal. One of your friends says they're "a man" (everyone appears to have "a man"). The 'guy' that he is referring to is usually a wholesale jeweler near me. What does a wholesaler do with diamonds?

Diamond Wholesaler

A wholesaler of diamonds purchases huge quantities of diamonds and then sells them to brick and mortar stores or online businesses. They often can get fantastic discounts on diamonds since they buy them in bulk. They don't market to the general public or individuals unless they are close friends or family.

Wholesalers of diamonds have access to the Rapaport Diamond Report, which is a price report. A matrix of prices for different forms, colors, and carats (up to six carats) is the typical pricing guide for wholesalers of diamonds. If the wholesaler you choose is trustworthy they will supply you with the Rapaport Diamond Report prices or less than Rapaport Rap 10 price (which represents a 10% discount on the Rapaport Rap report's price). It's important to note that the Rapaport prices are an average of all prices offered by the industry. Prices aren't set in stone.

Depending on which wholesaler you pick, you'll be able to find 4-8 loose diamonds in their office. To find any flaws or imperfections the diamonds wholesaler will supply a magnifying lens (10x) to inspect them. Then the next step is to put the stone into the setting. If the wholesaler is skilled, they can make an individual setting and then place the center stone inside the ring when you're standing in front. A brand-new engagement ring is presented to you.


Retail Diamond Store

A retail diamond store is a brick-and-mortar store that sells earrings as well as engagement rings. You can buy the product immediately and have it delivered to your home the following day. You can touch and feel the item, but it'll cost you between 25 and 40% more than a wholesaler or on the internet.

The great news is that a majority of retail diamond stores can be found online. This is no surprise since more customers are shopping online for expensive items such as diamonds. Online shopping could save you more than 30% off diamonds. It isn't easy to locate the perfect diamond on a plethora of websites.


Benefits of Wholesale Diamonds From Your Jeweler

These are some of the issues you should think about when you think of the benefits of wholesale loose diamonds:


1. Wholesale diamonds let the buyer examine the quality of the diamond. It is simpler to identify flaws in a wholesale diamond than it is to examine it. It's possible to inspect the diamond from every angle and spot flaws.


2. Diamonds that are loose are less expensive. Since you can alter the diamond to meet your needs, including carat size and carat size, loose diamonds could save you up to 10 percent to 15%. The traditional ring and the mounted diamond are not an option. You can look for a different ring or expand the amount you spend.


3. By buying loose diamonds You can look at different designs and styles. To look at the rings she loves, he may bring her to the shop of jewelers ahead of time. Then he can go back and purchase the diamond after having seen the rings she likes.


4. Diamonds are considered A worthwhile investment. Diamonds mounted are less valuable than loose diamonds. However, a mounted diamond can come with rich history and is sold because of its value as a collectible. Wholesale diamonds can be valuable. You can buy a large set, and then put the top inside your ring, then use the remainder to invest.

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